Live colorfully!

India is color! Color is everywhere - in the food, the dress, the architecture! An amazing variety of vivid and vibrant hues. Colors of spices - turmeric, saffron,mustard, curry, cinnamon. Colors of fruits - persimmon, mango, pomegranate. Intense blues and purples of the sky and the ocean. The rich feathers of the peacock and the iridescent greens of the parrots.

India is adornment! Even those living under the simplest or most difficult conditions cherish and value beauty in their lives. They find or create something beautiful, which they wear.

India is skilled craftsmen and women! Often going back tens of generations. Creating works of astonishing detail, creativity and exquisite beauty that require infinite patience - often taking weeks, months or years to finish a particular piece.

I simply fell in love. I wish to share with you this discovery and to encourage and support these craftsmen and women in their amazing projects. When you purchase an item from my shop, you receive the blessings of all the families that made that item.